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Snoring - Can you Stop?

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Aug 22 2012
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This BBC video shows some of the crazy ways that some people have tried to limit the sleep  disruption caused by snoring.

Drinking milk, spreading toothpaste under your nose and sucking on a dummy or pacifier and gargling are just a handful of the remedies those who snore have suggested as snore stoppers.

The brave Belinda Harris-Reid has tried some of these out and I can reveal having sat through the video, that nope, none of them helped her snoring problem.

Snoring Rating
Ball in the back of pyjamas - Snore Rating 1 out of 10
This isn't very comfortable.  Neither is snoring, and is just as likely to keep you awake as snoring!

Gargling with Garlic - Snore Rating 1 out of 10
If you are looking to stop snoring to improve relationships in bed, forget this one!

Sleeping without pillows - Snore Rating 3 out 10
Doesn't stop snoring but isn't quite as bad as the other two!

If you are serious about stopping snoring, try SnoreMate from Helps Stop Snoring.  Proven science moves the jaw slightly forward to stop the flappy bit of skin at the back of the throat from vibrating and causing the snore.

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