Snoremate is one of the most effective snoring aids.

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SnoreMate® has changed my life - I am sleeping better, my wife is sleeping better. I have more energy and no longer drop off at my computer screen.  I would recommend anyone with a snoring problem to try it
Jim Ross-Tomlin UK

I wish to say that SnoreMate® is an excellent product – it simply works!
I am unaware of it being in my mouth at night, it does exactly what it is supposed to do. Thank you!
J. Jackson Uk

…and this is the poem that Mr Jackson’s wife, Phyl, wrote about the change that SnoreMate® made to her life:

Their country cottage is a rural idyll,
No traffic is heard, just quiet and still.
But the night brings the sound of terrible snoring
Jim’s been inflicted – like his Father before him.
The foundations shake to their very core
The racket wakes the grandchildren in their bedroom next door.
‘Grandma’, screams Kitty, ‘there’s a lion roaring’
‘Don’t worry’ soothes she, ‘it’s just Grandad snoring’.
They tried all the remedies, but all were a failure
While the tired out pair just got paler and paler.
Then, just as they were accepting their Fate,
They discovered their  good old SnoreMate
Now they sleep as soon as head touches pillow
And nothing is heard bit the wind in the willows

Since I never heard myself snore, my wife thanks SnoreMate® for allowing her to get a good nights rest, night after night. I had been using the nose strips, but they were ineffective in reducing/stopping my snoring. This product does work for me and we're both pleased with the results.
Chuck, USA

I had sleep studies which revealed moderate snoring. Alas not me I thought, but this was confirmed over and over again by my partner! I purchased a SnoreMate® and each night I use it my partner says I am silent. So to prove this I has sleep studies done again and the result is absolutely remarkable! Thanks so much.
Jeanette, South Africa

I got the SnoreMate® the day after I emailed you. I have had four nights to try it. Great success!!! Three of the four nights, my wife tells me I have no snoring, none.

The one night I had a little, nothing like before and I was having severe nasal congestion from allergies which I treated. I have used nasal strips for years with some success. It appears that the SnoreMate® combined with the nasal strips is the answer for me. Already I have more energy through the day and my wife is much happier.

 Such a simple device, so powerful! Thanks again!
Jerry, USA

I received the SnoreMate® package yesterday. I want to thank you very much for the amazing product that you sell because I did not snore last night and I let my wife sleep. 

This is my wife's testimony: 

I complain to my hubby every morning about his snoring. I tell him that 'the beavers were driving the runaway freight train again last night'. We received your amazing product and he used it the very first night. Unbelievable!! I told my hubby this morning that the freight was parked and the beavers fired. I am extremely happy to be able to sleep a full night without him snoring. I will recommend to all of the wives to purchase your awsome product 'SnoreMate®' for their hubbies who have a snoring problem. Thank you!
Jose, USA

My name is Gayle, and I purchased the SnoreMate® for my husband, a very heavy snorer. I was unable for the last 5 years to sleep in the same room and sometimes the same house. I slept with ear plugs and he would shake the bed. We purchased almost every anti-snore product out here until we discovered SnoreMate®. I have recommended this product to all my friends and relatives who have a snorer in the house. It worked so well that I purchased back-ups, because I never want to not be able to sleep in my own bed ever again. Thank you SnoreMate®.
Gayle, OH, USA

I had expensive and painful surgery to try and cure my snoring problem and it was totally unsuccessful, I snored just as loud as I did before the operation. SnoreMate® worked for me from the outset and I have been using it for about 8 years now.
Paul, Durban, South Africa

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